Fintech Space
AIFC Fintech coworking zone at the EXPO.
50 seats and necessary infrastructure for productive work of fintech startups - members of AIFC Fintech
Join AIFC Fintech and get access to coworking space, as well as other unique services provided by AIFC Fintech and our partners
Service and infrastructure
Free Wi-Fi
Meeting rooms
What is Fintech Space?
Coworking zone for AIFC Fintech members: 50 seats
Where is Fintech Space located?
2nd floor AIFC Fintech
Mangilik El 55/22, block 4.3
Who can use Fintech Space?
Startups (teams up to 5 people), which are AIFC Fintech members. Access to coworking will be available only to registered team members.
What if we are more than 5 people in the team?
Unfortunately, the coworking space is limited, so we can offer it only to teams up to 5 people
How to start using the space?
  1. Apply to become an AIFC Fintech Member and indicate "YES" in the question about coworking*
  2. Get the answer with the decision of AIFC Fintech
  3. Sign the agreement and use the coworking

*If you are already a Member, mail us to with the subject "Coworking" and the name of your project
Is it mandatory to have a legal entity to sign a coworking agreement?
No, you can sign an agreement from an individual
I don't have a team and a product yet, just an idea.
Can I use the coworking?
Yes, you can
How much does it cost?
It's free for AIFC Fintech members
Is there Internet access in coworking?
Yes, there is a free wi-fi for Fintech Space users
At what time can I work in Fintech Space?
Are coworking seats reserved after startups?
Fintech Space has 2 coworking zones located nearby and having 2 operating modes - Flexible and Fixed. Flexible coworking implies free use without seat reservation: a team can come and take any free places. Fixed coworking implies assigning places to a specific team
Does AIFC Fintech need information about our activities while using Fintech Space?
Yes, once a month we will be sending you mini-questionaires to understand if you need the coworking and if it is useful for you
I still have questions, how can I contact you?
Adress your question to us with the subject "Coworking"